Artistic practice

First Semester

Summer 2009

Experimental film


Revised version

Suzin Daly, Summer, Experimental film


The Window


The window is an experimental film in exploring effects and color manipulation. There is no set story and all scenes take place while looking through a window as if a person as dozed off and dreaming..

Film Short, experimental, Sci Fi, Suzin Daly, editor


The Keys

A mystery short leaving the viewer with many questions and no answers. Designed as an exercise in writing a screenplay, producing, filming, lighting and editing.




Experimental film

Suzin Daly


Film Students SCA

Documentary short following film students through their production class. One student shares his experince from an interview that surprised him.

Suzin Daly


Water is Life

Exploration with water sounds and movement. This is a work in progress

Suzin Daly


My Father Bob Klein

Documentary short on the humor of my father Bob Klein who entertained the service men during World War II in the special service and was number one on the charts in New York, Long Island W.A. L.K. for twenty-six years. A work in progress.

suzin daly



Spring 2009

Experimental film

Suzin Daly


Eye of the Cat

Experimental film

Suzin daly



Digital exploration

Very short experimental failure