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Host   Owen Daly

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with guest Nic Beery

Ben Pickle

Veronica Always

Heron Takes a Fall

Mielting of the Globe

Camera Action, Suzin daly, Owen Daly
Full show
- 58:30


Sylvia & George
Cara Clark, NC

Dry Clean Only
J.P. Chan, NY

Sittin' on a Million
Penny Lane
Annmarie Lanesey, NY

Cough Drop
Kristina Lear, CA

Camara Action, Owen Daly, Suzin daly, producer, filmmaker
Full show
- 58:30

on location guest

Francine de Coursey
Independent filmmaker

     Writer, Producer of Independent films, documentaries, special events, casting director that begins to describe her.  A sample of her film and TV credits Freedom Song, Twilight Zone, Touched by an Angel, Black Dog, etc.

The Other Side - F. de Coursey
Rescue by Peter Parlegreco
Wait... by Meg Lansaw



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Films - The Other Side * Rescue * Wait...
Full show
- 58:30

on location guest

Joanne Hershfield
Independent filmmaker

  The Gillian Film is a moving portrait of an exceptional young woman who works at a local veterinary clinic, rides horses, takes dance classes, and is developmentally disabled. When Gillian decides to move out of the house, her mother must come to terms with letting go.

For a DVD of this movie

Camera Action, The Gillian StoryFilm - The Gillian Story
Full show
- 58:30


on location

Full Frame
Documentary Film Fesival

April 2 - 5, 2009

Interviews with filmmakers

Host Owen Daly

Camera Action, Suzin Daly
Full show
- 58:30

Owen Daly
Host Camera Action

Mercey Hot Springs - D. Patton White

Avarice - Written by Nick Lilly

Disorder by Reel Grrls

Wounded Warrior

Sittin on a Million
Penny Land and Annmarie Lanesey

Camera Action, Owen Daly, Suzin Daly, editor, independent films, entertainment
Full show
- 58:30

Nick Karner
Actor and indpendent filmmaker

Nick Karner produces riveting films of very genre, length, and subject matter.

Nick hosted the first annual "THAT'S NOT MINE" film festval in Raleigh 2009.  Serving as producer, director, writer, and even actor Nick has immersed himself in the world of filmmaking. Nick's interview is toward the end of Camera Action.

Web site

Nick Karner, Camera Action
Full show
- 58:30

Aaron Syrett
North Carolina Film Office
301 N. Wilmington Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Also featured (approx. 10 min in)
Special guest Sandy Gottlieb
Writer, director and producer
'Looking for Nick'

Camera Action, Suzin Daly, Producer
Full show - 58:30

Anne Greene
Talent One Agency
1305 E. Millbrook Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609

Talent One Agency is based in Raleiigh, N.C. and is one of the top talent agencys in this area.  Talent One actors have appeared in well known TV shows such as 'One Tree Hill', 'Army Wives" and many feature films.

Talent One, Anne Greene, Camera Action, Suzin Daly, editor, producer
Full show - 58:30

Brian Harris
Actor, writer, director and producer

 We include two films Brian wrote and produced, the comedy 'Coffee Shop' and the controversial short 'Chains'.  Brian is finishing up his feature length film 'Caught Up' should be out in 2009.

Brian directed the short 'Touched by Faith'.  

Brian Harris, Suzin Daly, Camera Action
Full show - 58:30

Terry Linehan
Screen play writer and producer

Terry Linehan has produced documentary's "Made of Salt and Water" and "Trolls". Terry has just produced a feature film "Two Hours in the Dark." All his films have shown at the Cucalorus Film Festivals.



Camera Action, Terry Linehan Guest, Suzin Daly, Producer, video editor
Full show - 58:30

Dan Brawley, Director

Dan Brawley, Director of Cucalorus is one of the popular film festivals in North America. Film makers from all over the world submit their films. All genres are accepted and Dan talks about the new category 'Work in Progress'.

Cucalorus Film Festival takes place in November. Visit the web site for further information  CUCALORUS


Camera Action, Dan Brawley, Cucalorus
Full show - 58:30

Carrie Jones
Independent Film maker

Carrie Jones first time film maker is involved with helping orphans in Africa.  Carrie and her videotographer Brett Mullen tell how they got together and put together this documentary short.

Camera Action, editing, Suzin Daly, photography, entertainment
Full show - 58:30

David Baeumler
Independent Film maker

David Baeumler is an experiential film maker with something to say.  

Filmed on location at
Center Line Productions

David Bauemler, independent films, Camera Action, Suzin daly, producer

Debra Hooper
Vice President and Director
School of Communication Arts

The school is well known for it's students to be hired by famous industries as Disney, Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic.

The School of Communication Arts you can visit their link or call 800- 488-8500

Brian Harris

Brian Harris is an Actor, Writer and Producer.   He as produced "Caught Up", "Touched by Faith" and "Chains"


Brian Harris, Camera Action, Suzin Daly, Owen Daly, Producer
Interview only

Jessye McDowell
Independent Film Maker

Produced the documentary 'Los Trivinos de Huasco' . Jessye visited the small fishing town in the southern end of Atacama Desert in Northen Chile. She filmed the documentary in Super 8 film. This is an artistic family living among fisherman and farmers.

Camera Action, Jessye Mc Dowell, independent film maker, artist
Interview only

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